Care Leadership and Management Apprenticeship: Employer Guide

Why take on a Care Leadership and Management Apprentice?

The Higher Apprenticeship in Care Leadership and Management gives staff the opportunity to develop higher level skills whilst working alongside skilled peers in the workplace so that their development is linked to the needs of your business. It is a way of growing your own future leaders and managers, making sure you remain competitive and are able to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead. The framework can be used for existing staff and new recruits.

The programme provides quality high level learning at a lower cost than some other routes. Funding is available via Skills for Care’s Workforce Development Fund, so there are opportunities to offset some of the costs of supporting an employee to undertake the Higher Apprenticeship.


The Apprenticeship Framework

There are three main strands to an Apprenticeship, known as the Framework: a competence-based element, a technical element and a skills element. At every level the apprentice will study maths and English.

Higher Apprenticeship Care Leadership and Management:

The programme is designed to be flexible enough to meet your organisation’s needs. Apprentices will work towards their Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Service. There are a range of units available for you to choose from to tailor learning to specific roles or develop staff into new roles. This ability to customise the diploma will help to embed and reinforce the practice and behaviours you want to develop to strengthen your business. Modules include:

  • Assessment of the individual in a health and social care setting
  • Developing health and safety risk management policies
  • Developing, maintaining and using records and reports
  • Facilitating a change in health and social care
  • Facilitating coaching and mentoring of practitioners
  • Leading and managing a team within health and social care
  • Understanding professional management and leadership in health and social care

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