Community Arts Apprenticeship: Employer Guide

Why take on a Community Arts Apprentice?

Over half of employers in the creative industry have recruitment issues because applicants lack experience, and about a quarter say that applicants lack the right specialist skills for the job. This skills gaps in the current workforce can lead to existing business being lost through poor delivery or impossible pressure on the workforce as employers need to find time, for and finance, training. This framework aims to give staff the specific ‘associate professional and technical’ skills required, in a cost effective way.

The Apprenticeship Framework

There are three main strands to an Apprenticeship, known as the Framework: a competence-based element, a technical element and a skills element. At every level the apprentice will study maths, ICT and English.

Apprenticeship Community Arts:

Intermediate Level Apprentices will train as Community Arts Administration Assistants. They will earn a Level 2 Certificate in Preparing and Delivering a Sustainable Social Enterprise Activity and a Level 2 Certificate in Community Arts Administration.

Modules include:

  • Acquiring funding, grants and bursaries
  • Developing a project
  • Partnership building
  • Partnership liaison
  • Procurement
  • Art from collaboration

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