Community Arts Apprenticeship: Student Guide

It’s not just the artistic side of things that needs to be addressed when it comes to the future of community arts: more than half the jobs in the field that are predicted to grow in the next seven years require “associated professional and technical skills” which would include: ICT Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Technical skills, Business Development Administration, Finance and Accounting, Sales, and Digital skills. This apprenticeship will help give you the skills required to enter this exciting industry, and involves working with local communities by planning, promoting and running events, exhibitions and projects to engage individuals and groups of all ages.

The Apprenticeship Framework

There are three main strands to an Apprenticeship, known as the Framework: a competence-based element, a technical element and a skills element.

Intermediate Apprenticeship: You will gain your Level 2 Certificate in Community Arts Administration as well as the Level 2 Certificate in Preparing and Delivering a Sustainable Social Enterprise Activity. As part of your role you will be helping to organise and publicise events and exhibitions. You’ll also be required to help with the financial side of the programme, dealing with artists of all kinds – both residential and touring – as well as building management and general office work.

Ready to apply for an Apprenticeship?

You need to:

Have you considered coming to college full-time if you can’t find an Apprenticeship vacancy? 

You can start on many of our courses on a full-time basis, then if an Apprenticeship becomes available you can transfer across. Everything you’ll have learnt at college will be valuable to you at work. To discuss your full-time course options call 01902 836000.

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