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A Level English Language

Course Code ELAA250024966

Study Mode Full Time

Duration Two Years

Campus Paget Road Campus


Are you interested in the way English Language works?

Are you curious to find out how and why new words are formed?

Did you know that the origins of many of the words we use today come from South America, such as coffee, chocolate and potatoes?

Are you keen to learn more about the way toddlers acquire language and learn to develop their vocabulary? Why is 'm' the first sound babies utter - and no, it is not because they spend most of their time with mum! In our study of English Language we explore peoples' attitudes to accent and dialect, gender roles and ethnicity. Students explore how language is used to represent celebrities or social groups in the media - essential knowledge if you are not to believe all you read in the press!

A Level English Language opens up many career opportunities such as marketing, journalism, speech therapy, translation and interpreters as well as teaching.

The A Level is a two year course. You study AS Level in year one and then the A2 Level in the second year.

We have a 100% success rate on this full A Level course with excellent feedback from our past students and a dedicated and enthusiastic team to support learners. In fact, some of our past students have gone on to become teachers, speech therapists, social workers, teachers and lecturers.

While you are on this course you will get to visit local nurseries to observe child language development and the Tower of London to observe examples of language change in action.

We also have guest speakers who we invite in to college to enhance your learning. These have included David Crystal - the world expert on English Language.

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