Courses In Your Community

City of Wolverhampton College is working with local community organisations to provide courses at neighbourhood venues that support the learning and skills needs of local people.

Get Ahead Plus Programme

For individuals wanting to develop personal skills for the jobs market as well as improve your employability skills; how to apply for jobs.

Asbestos Awareness

You will learn what asbestos is; how and where it was used; how it can harm us; what the law says; who is at risk and how to work with it safely.

IOSH Working Safely

Provides an understanding of the principles of health and safety and accident prevention. You will gain an awareness of basic health and safety law. Topics include: manual handling, accident prevention, fire prevention, working at height, hazardous substances, transport/vehicles work equipment, risk assessment etc.

Manual Handling

The course is suitable for anyone looking to increase their awareness and skills in manual operations that involve lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling and carrying loads of articles.

Safe Moving and Handling

The course covers basic moving and handling principles, which includes moving people.

Risk Assessment

Gain an improved level of awareness of the legal and practical issues related to this task. Learn how an organisation can apply hazard identification methods in conjunction with a hierarchy of risk controls to ensure the development of an effective risk control management system.

Emergency First Aid at Work

Suitable for anyone who wants to have general first aid knowledge for the work environment.

First Aid for Child and Baby

Course aimed at parents and careers looking after children and babies

Paediatric First Aid

Suitable for people working with or looking after children. Course covers CPR, Injuries and Childhood illnesses and is a requirement of Ofsted for Childminders.

Safeguarding and Child Protection Certificate

Introduces you to the area of caring for and working with children and vulnerable adults. It will help develop an understanding of various aspects of childcare, health, development and learning.

Food Safety and Catering (Level 2)

Gain a valuable qualification to help you handle food safely at home and within a working environment

Start IT (Beginners)

If you are new to computers then this is the course for you, it covers switching on a computer through to producing a printed document, includes using Word, Excel and internet/email.

Customer Service

Course aimed at individuals interested in all aspects of customer service for example communication skills, external customer service, team work and customer relations.

Introduction to Adult Health & Social Care

Introductory course into care, covering core values in care, equality and diversity, effective communication and roles and responsibilities

English Functional Skills

Our English Functional Skills course will equip you with the basic practical skills required in everyday life, education or the workplace. The course will enable you to read, write and speak confidently and independently enabling you to achieve your aims and ambitions

ITQ (Level 1)

This course will enable you to develop ICT skills in a range of areas including word processing, spreadsheets, desktop publishing and presentations, websites, email, the internet and IT security.

Maths Functional Skills

During the course you will develop ways to help you use maths skills more effectively in a variety of situation in life, study and work. Depending on your level, you will study some or all of the following:

  • Working with numbers using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Fractions, decimals and percentages.
  • Working with data e.g. graphs, charts, data trends etc.
  • Shape and space e.g. area, perimeter and volume.

Speaking and Listening Skills (Basic ESOL)

This programme will help you with everyday English communication skills.

IT Skills for Universal Job Match

Suitable for anyone wanting to improve their IT skills to help them use the Universal Job Match system. This course includes advice on how to create a CV, use the system, search the internet, register for job alerts, upload CVs and send/receive emails.

Retail Academy

Students will learn about customer service, equality and diversity, communication skills and much more in the retail industry. There is an opportunity to gain work experience within the industry.

Mental Health Awareness

Suitable for people who wish to increase their knowledge of mental health problems, the factors that cause mental ill health and the ways that mental health problems can be managed.

If you are in receipt of a benefit, can you please ensure that you bring proof (Jobseekers Allowance and Work related Activity Group, Employment and Support Allowance), as well as your national insurance number, when enrolling. If you are aged 19-64 and in receipt of benefits or are unemployed, courses may be FREE.

If you are in employment, live outside of Wolverhampton, or are looking for a corporate booking, there will be a charge. Please not that college fees will apply for some of the courses for people who are not in receipt of a means tested benefit, however you may be entitled to apply for financial assistance

For further information on our course in the community, or to reserve a place, please contact the Community, Employability & Traineeship team.

 Call 01902 317710