Customer Feedback

Very informative and extremely well presented. Hard team building and confidence building elements and I left the course with a wealth of important knowledge.
Malachi Woollery

I have enjoyed and learned the value of LEAN. Like to thank Paul for his time and effort.
Gary Hill

My opinion of this course I think it is great. Iā€™m glad that I have taken part and the tutor Paul was great.
Jason Reid

I think the overall experience was great, interesting and fun.
Wayne Turton

It was good, very well explained and put across well. It is also useful in the real world in every day duties.
Leon Balfour

Excellent. Extremely well put together and very informative. The principle learnt and opportunities gained are second to none.
Christopher Smith

I have done various courses regarding the jobcentre and over the years I have listened to what other jobless people have said about these courses and they have been a waste of tax payers money, but this course has been a pleasant surprise. I think it has been a very valuable experience. Excellent.
Chris Harper

Concise, informative, digression into history.
Nicholas Osborne

Fantastic, very informative.
Nicholas Osborne

Excellent. It has been a joy to attend. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity.
Ian Macmanomy

Very rewarding in the knowledge and learning the expectations of company demands. Great.
Ian Whittaker

Really enjoyed it and have learned new knowledge in Lean Engineering.
Natwarlal Patel

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