Hospitality Management Apprenticeship: Student Guide

There are currently over 677,000 managers and projections estimate a further 174,000 being required by 2017.This Level 4 higher apprenticeship will provide you with nationally recognised qualifications and skills in a sector that is well known for having fast-track career progression, with management-level positions often being available to committed team members.

To qualify for this apprenticeship, you must demonstrate that you have a lot of experience in supervisory roles, leading a team or being in charge of a department

The Apprenticeship Framework

There are three main strands to an Apprenticeship, known as the Framework: a competence-based element, a technical element and a skills element.

Higher Apprenticeship: You will work towards your Level 4 Diploma in Hospitality Management and Level 4 Diploma in Principles of Hospitality Management. You will look at how to manage the performance of teams and individuals, working as part of a hospitality management team to achieve strategic goals, developing beverage lists to complement menus and planning and designing food production areas.

Ready to apply for an Apprenticeship?

You need to:

Have you considered coming to college full-time if you can’t find an Apprenticeship vacancy? 

You can start on many of our courses on a full-time basis, then if an Apprenticeship becomes available you can transfer across. Everything you’ll have learnt at college will be valuable to you at work. To discuss your full-time course options call 01902 836000.

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