Marketing Apprenticeship: Student Guide

Marketing is a creative industry at the heart of business. It is concerned with finding the needs and wants of people, developing a product or service that meets that need and helping create a desire for what has been created. You may not realise it, but your everyday life is affected by the work of marketers: it is in the adverts you see, the websites you visit. Every time you think of a brand, or slogan, you are responding to marketing activities. Marketing is the foundation of business activity and essential to commercial success.

It is hard to imagine a successful organisation that does not heed marketing principles. Marketing involves several specialisms including: direct marketing communicating directly with the consumer via mailings, emails or telephone calls, market research and public relations. The Apprenticeship and Advanced Apprenticeship in Marketing and Marketing communications covers all these areas. Within the Apprenticeship, the nature of the work will depend on your employer.

However you are likely to be working as a marketing or market research assistant/ executive or perhaps in event management. You may learn how to create and execute a marketing plan for products/services; help manage budgets, distribution plans and carry out research.

As an advanced apprentice, you may be employed in a more senior marketing/ market research role or be working in the areas of advertising or public relations.

The Apprenticeship: What will I learn?

There are three main strands to an Apprenticeship, known as the Framework: a competence-based element, a technical element and a skills element. As part of the framework the Apprentice will study Key Skills in Application of Number, Literacy and ICT at the appropriate level, and Personal Learning and Thinking Skills.

Apprenticeship: The Apprentice will achieve a Certificate in Marketing Level 2 and Certificate in Principles of Marketing Level 2.

Modules of study include: introduction and sales, marketing essentials, marketing mix, marketing segmentation, customer experience, the sales person, legal and ethical selling, 10 stage selling process and communication skills in sales.

Advanced Apprenticeship: The Apprentice will achieve a Diploma in Marketing Level 3 and a Certificate in Principles of Marketing Level 3.

Modules of study include: implement marketing strategies and plans for products/services; fulfil the legal, regulatory and ethical requirements impacting upon your own marketing activity; manage your own resources and professional development.

Optional modules of study can include: develop marketing strategies and plans for products/services; identify and monitor competitors’ marketing; analyse market research data; define the customer experience towards; informing marketing strategy; develop new products/services; create and develop brand identity characteristics; develop a media plan for advertising products/services; develop an advertising campaign; build and manage stakeholder relationships; manage sales promotion plans; manage business to business motivation plans; develop and maintain a marketing database.

Ready to apply for an Apprenticeship?

You need to:

Have you considered coming to college full-time if you can’t find an Apprenticeship vacancy? You can start on many of our courses on a full-time basis, then if an Apprenticeship becomes available you can transfer across. Everything you’ll have learnt at college will be valuable to you at work. To discuss your full-time course options call 01902 836000.

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