Maths Skills in Real Life

See how Maths skills are used by real people doing real jobs…

Bartender: This footage shows how a bar tender working in a trendy Manchester bar needs to have a working knowledge of estimating in order to prepare drinks both safely and quickly.

Builder: This footage shows the owner of a building firm out on site with some of his workers. By his own admittance he did not see the relevance of the mathematics he learnt at school but uses it every day of his working life.

Fashion Designer: This video shows a designer working on t shirts and includes shots of the timing involved in the printing process as well as reference to costing, profits, tax and pattern cutting.

Pharmacist: This video was filmed at Boots the Chemist on market Street in Manchester and shows a pharmacist at work carrying out various duties such as making up prescriptions for patients. The Pharmacist has a very important job as s/he has to check that the dosage is correct for the age and weight of the patient and is dispensed correctly.


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