Motor Vehicle Apprenticeship: Employer Guide

The Motor Vehicle sector is a fast-growing industry, with the quick pace of vehicle technology creating constant demand for technical skills. Yet a third of employers said that skills gaps in their workforce were due to being unable to keep up with changes in technology, while 13% think that those skills gaps will increase in the next two to three years.

The Apprenticeship Programme Framework

Vehicle Body & Paint

Thousands of vehicle accidents occur every year in England, which means Vehicle Body and Paint technicians are heavily relied upon to repair vehicles that have been damaged and get them back on the road looking as good as new. Employers need to attract new people into the industry to fill jobs at Levels 2 and 3 to replace those who leave or retire and to upskill the existing workforce.

Apprentices will work as technicians and senior technicians assessing and repairing the damage, restoring body and paintwork on a range of light and heavy vehicles.

Pathways on offer:

  • Body Repair
  • Body Refinishing

Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

Without Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Technicians the economy would grind to a halt. Many people are dependent on their vehicles to get to work and businesses need reliable and well maintained vehicles to transport goods to and from customers. Apprenticeships are the life blood of the Automotive Retail Industry and more technicians are needed to replace those who leave or retire. Apprentices will learn how to diagnose, test and repair a range of vehicles from cars, vans, lorries and lift trucks to motorcycles including electronics and electrical repairs.

Pathways on offer:

  • Light Vehicle
  • Heavy Vehicle
  • Motorcycle
  • Heavy Vehicle Trailer

Apprenticeship: The Apprentice will achieve one of the above pathways and an additional three key skills in Application of Number, Communication and ICT.

Advanced Apprenticeship: On successful completion of a Level 2 Apprenticeship there may be options to progress towards a Level 3 scheme. This is dependent on the range within the employment opportunity and the ability of the apprentice demonstrated in previous years.

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