College News: Tutor's sport research kicks off online
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16th May 2018

A research paper on how sport can promote equality and inclusion, co-written by a tutor at City of Wolverhampton College, has been published in a prestigious European journal.

The article – entitled Ten years of the UK’s Equality Standard for Sport – written by lecturer and teaching and learning coach Adam Dwight – features in the April 2018 edition of the European Journal for Sports and Society, the official publication of the European Association for Sociology of Sport.

Adam carried out the research as part of his PhD in sports equality that focuses on the potential for sport to play a significant role in promoting equity and inclusion of all groups in society, when in reality there remain inequalities in both participation and the structure of sports organisations across the industry.

As part of his research Adam worked with the major sports councils in the UK as well as sports organisations and national governing bodies to examine how the UK’s Equality Standard for Sport has led to changes in the sector since its inception in 2004.

His research shows that whilst many organisations are being proactive in trying to widen the appeal of their sport, real change is not significant and there is still noticeable under-representation of certain groups across all levels of sports organisations and in their membership.

Adam, an experienced tutor who has worked at the college for 21 years, said: “Having spent many years at the college promoting equality and inclusion through various grassroot sporting events, I wanted to research the situation and what progress has been made across the UK. My research highlights the need for sports organisations to implement changes that will widen the appeal of their sports and their workforce.”

As a result of his research, Adam is now working with a national schools sport association to analyse how it can implement changes to ensure it effectively represents the communities it serves.

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