Advanced Learner Loans

Adults wanting to sign up for qualifications at City of Wolverhampton College can take advantage of a loan scheme to cover the costs of their course.

Advanced learner loans are available to UK residents aged 19-23 who have already gained a Level 3 qualification and want to study for a further course at the same standard, people aged 24 and over who wish to complete their first Level 3 programme, and learners who sign-up for a Level 4 qualification or above.

Students aged 19-23 studying for their first Level 3 qualification do not need to take out a loan as fees will be paid by the Skills Funding Agency.

The loans are not means tested or credit checked and do not have to be repaid until the individual is earning over £21,000 per year.

Andrea Dill-Russell, director of student services at the college, said: “By lowering the age at which people can apply for a loan means that courses and qualifications will be accessible by a greater number of people and, in turn, lead to improved skills and employment prospects in the local area.”

Advanced learner loans, which are in addition to loans available for higher education qualifications such as HNC, HND and degree programmes, will be paid direct to the college by the Student Loans Company which administers the scheme.

Level 3 courses on offer at the college include A Levels, AS Levels and Access to Higher Education diplomas, as well as a wide range of vocational, technical and professional qualifications

To find out more about financial support available at the college click here or call 01902 836000.


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