Our Values

We work hard to integrate our values into our decision-making, from big strategic decisions right through to smaller, short-term ones. It’s important that you think about these values before applying, as everyone here needs to agree with them and understand them completely. So, what are our values and what do they mean?

It’s imperative that we have a strategy that’s meaningful – and even more important that we stick to it. That’s why you’ll find us talking about strategy quite a lot, in particular our Strategic Plan.

We understand the importance of a diverse workforce, and honestly believe that everyone here deserves to be treated fairly. We don’t tolerate bullying, rudeness or any form of discrimination whatsoever. But it’s not just about what we don’t do – it’s also about enjoying what happens when a disparate group of talents gets together and forms a productive, difference-focused atmosphere.

We’re building a community of people who are expected to engage with the wider vision for the College, and to work hard to meet their own objectives and make differences. But we can’t expect people to do that if they don’t have the tools they need. So we try hard to make sure that everyone is trained appropriately, has access to senior decision makers and is given enough time and the permission to find the very best approach.

Our people aren’t afraid to take responsibility for what they do. That doesn’t mean we’re a blame culture – quite the opposite. It means that we treat our people as adults, and take pride in giving credit precisely where it’s due.

This is the big one, and it’s the centre of the picture for a reason. We exist to serve our student body – our core purpose is to help them make the difference that will give them happier, more fulfilling lives. And through our students, we aim to make significant and lasting differences to Wolverhampton and its surrounds.

Our compulsory DNA review process is based on these values. You can find details of our Personal Attributes in the policies table. The level of personal attributes you are expected to have for the role are specified in the job description.