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“With regards to the course, I was very happy with it and since I’ve been back I’ve done a little bit of work on our moulding machines – a moulding trial of some new material, and it was good to see the principles and techniques I learned on the course being applied in real life. Our process is slightly different to straight forward moulding as we are encapsulating electrical coils, so it’s a balancing act with holding pressures and injection speeds etc but the basic principles are there. The tutors are knowledgeable and friendly, with quite an informal attitude and you get to do some hands on stuff with the machines on site. I did the IMT2 with you last year so I knew what to expect, but again, it’s a nice facility and good staff, good content and a good balance between theory and practical. Please feel free to pass on my thanks to Darren, Geoff and Bill.”
“Both myself and Darren are impressed and satisfied with results and further skillset improvement post Darren’s training at PTIC. I can see Darren coming back stronger, with much better understanding of process set-up / build up and much more knowledge than before the training. I believe Darren also feels stronger and more confident whilst processing new tooling It has also been recognised by the other members of management – for the training to give us exactly what we’ve expected in return as a business. I can’t say at this stage if other setters will be send for training as their skillset and commitment to the business is still being under the review, but I can assure you, should we decide to send resources out for training, it will be with PTIC ”
Best regards Lucas Kudzia BSc (Eng) Engineering & Process Manager
“I found the general awareness and detailed discussions on specific issues related to plant with ideas for improvements the most interesting.”
“This was the most informative course I have been on for years and I found all content relevant. “
“Good course; allows a better understanding of the extrusion system.”
“Good course – will help in my job. “
“This course was a very welcome introduction to a very important topic for me – I look forward to the next instalment. I will plan to include my Design Engineers in future. “
“The whole course was interesting to build up the picture; the processing details were the most interesting though. “
“A good insight to polymer life and how degradation occurs.”
“All aspects of the course were interesting – technical / process.”
“The theory day of the Mould Mounting course was informative and helped expand on what I knew already from practical tasks at work. The course also helped to explain how the injection moulding machine carries out the various tasks – not just why. This helped me to understand the operation of the machine.”
Scott Cundy, Fiskars UK Ltd.
“All of the course was interesting because it all relates to my job role and it’s good to know what all the different things on the machine are all called.”
– Luca Zanus-Fortes, Shimizu Industry UK Ltd
“I found the the set-up and problem solving most interesting as this is the aspect of my job that I enjoy”
“All parts of the course were of interest, as it gave me an insight into the injection moulding process – which can improve my understanding and adaptation of my knowledge and role in the EBU processing procedure.”
“The course gave me a better understanding of materials.”
“Practical and processing theory offered the most to me – it was what I had wanted to gain.”
“A well-run course with clear, concise instruction from easy-going, friendly instructor, who took any stress away from the learning environment”
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