PTIC Facilities

The PTIC has an extensive range of equipment which includes:

Injection Moulding

Arburg 100T
Twin Shot Moulding machine
Direct Locking

Engel 80T
Tiebarless machine
Direct Locking machine

Ferromatic K-TEC 110
Mono Sandwich capability
Direct Locking machine

Husky H90 RS40-35
Hyelectric fast cycling
Block and lock

Sumitomo Demag IntElect 1000Kn all electric injection moulding machine

Fanuc S-2000 i30B 30Kn all electric Injection Moulding machine

Blow Moulding

Krupp Kautex KEB3
Twin parison, continuous extrusion blow moulding machine. Gravimetric blending and mixing system


Formech 508 DT (sponsored by Formech)
Forming area of 400 x 260sq mm

Ancillary Equipment

Material Handling
Hopper loaders suppliede by Summit Systems
Conveyors from MB
Granulators supplied by Summit Systems (3)

Gravimetric blenders supplied by Summit Systems

Material Drying
Maguire low pressure dryer
Vacuum dryer
Rotor Wheel Dryers supplied by Summit Systems

Tri Cool Portable Chiller
Compac series 2000

Mould Temperature Control
Regoplas & Tool-Temp units
Mold Masters Hot Runner Controls

Test Equipment

Charpy/Izod impact tester
Melt flow index tester
Tensile Tensometer

A variety of injection moulding tools for sample manufacture

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