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Sumitomo Demag is one of the largest manufacturers of injection moulding machines for the processing of plastics. The product portfolio encompasses all-electric, hydraulic and hybrid injection moulding machines with clamping forces of between 180 and 20,000 kN. With over 100,000 machines installed, Sumitomo Demag is present in all important markets throughout the world. They have supported PTIC by the loan of one of their 1,000 kN all-electric injection moulding machines.



Funuc provides industrial automation solutions ranging from the supply of CNC controllers, robots, drilling machines, EDM and injection moulding machines through to the complete integration of factory automation systems. With a focus on energy efficiency and high reliability, the Robomachine business developed the first all-electric injection-moulding machines — Roboshot — changing the mould shop into a much cleaner and quieter environment. Funuc provided PTIC with a 30 Tonne all electric injection moulding machine.



Summit Systems are suppliers of automation and ancillary equipment to the plastics processing industry. A full design and project engineering service is available and all customers have the benefit of 24 hour technical support. They also provided PTIC with a selection of material drying, blending and hopper loading equipment.


Kistler Instruments are suppliers of Cavity Pressure Monitoring and control solutions for the Plastics Industry. They provided PTIC with various Temperature and Pressure monitoring devices.


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Manufacturers of temperature control equipment and material handling devices. Piovan provided PTIC with a standalone chiller and material handling system cell.



HB Therm are suppliers of Swiss-made mould temperatrue control technology using water and oil-filled units. The variation in heating capacity and pump capability provide flexibility to cover all requirements. They also provided PTIC with several intelligent mould tool temperature control units.


Mold Masters

Mold Masters are a manufacturer of hot runner and temperature control technologies, covering all business categories applications and market sectors. They also provided PTIC with a Hot Runner mould tool control unit.


Lacerta Technology Ltd.

Manufacturers of material identification and testing equipment used in the analysis, characterisation and quality assurance of plastic materials. Lacerta Technology provided PTIC with a material identification device.



One of the largest privately owned electronics manufacturers in the world that has now been trading for over 50 years delivering reliable and robust world-class electronic solutions to the most challenging environments. Pektron provided PTIC with a mould tool to be used on training courses.


PlastikCity is the most efficient way to find the best UK suppliers of products and services to the plastics industry. The site covers all aspects of the plastics supply chain from material, equipment, moulds and production capacity through to finance, people and training. Our site allows you to efficiently find tailored products and services for your business without having any conversations or leaving your desk. Visit to join the new home of the UK Plastics industry.


Rapra, the leading non-profit membership association offering impartial specialist support to the whole of Industry through a network of world class technical centres. They responds quickly and effectively to industry requirements and connects companies to leading polymer scientists and engineers to provide short and long term R&D solutions.

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