Access to HE student Rochelle Bailey

Rochelle Bailey - ALS Progression to Access to HE

Rochelle Bailey wants to become a mental health nurse in the future but having left school without any GCSEs needed to improve her qualifications to enable her to apply for a degree course at university.

Twenty-three year old Rochelle enrolled on the one-year Progression to Access to Higher Education course – which will give her the skills she needs to move on to the Access to Higher Education course next year – and, as part of the programme, is receiving extra support to help her improve her writing skills.

Rochelle said: “When I started the course my tutor identified that I needed some extra help so I have an hour of one-to-one support from a member of the college’s additional learning support team each week which has made a real difference.

“My writing and spelling has really improved and I feel much more confident about doing assignments now.  I used to feel overwhelmed and have to ask my sister to read through them to make sure they made sense, but I don’t have to do that anymore which makes me feel much better.

“Thanks to the college recognising that I had a problem, and doing everything possible to help me succeed, I feel as though I’ve undergone a fantastic transformation.  I’m proud of myself and excited about going to university and getting my dream job in the future.

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