Apprentice Parampreet Tamber


Parampreet Tamber decided to apply for an apprenticeship as he felt it was the best route into a marketing career.

The 17-year-old, who works as a marketing apprentice at Wolverhampton City Council, said: “When I was looking at my options an apprenticeship stood out more than going into the sixth form. I want to gain a chartered marketing qualification in the future so don’t need A levels. I thought that by doing an apprenticeship I would gain the experience to make me a lot more employable, as well as become eligible to study the marketing course I wanted to do.

“My apprenticeship has been really exciting and I have just advanced on to the Level 3 programme. I am able to undertake different tasks and have worked on a lot of campaigns including publicising an event in just two weeks via social media and leaflets, stakeholder management and crisis communications.

“My assessor has been fantastic and has offered me a lot of support and advice.

“As an apprentice I feel like I have been treated like a normal member of staff and been given a lot of opportunities which have been phenomenal and enabled me to develop skills I couldn’t have developed at a sixth form.”

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