Counselling student Priscilla Chana

CPunselling student Priscilla Chana

“Coming to college has made me realise I have a lot more strength than I thought I had” says 42-year-old Priscilla Chana who is coming to the end of a one-year part-time Level 3 diploma in counselling skills and theories after gaining the Level 2 certificate in counselling skills last year.

Having experienced domestic abuse in the past, Priscilla now volunteers at The Haven – a charity providing support to women suffering from domestic violence – and decided to study counselling so that she could better support the women and children she comes into contact with as part of her role.

Priscilla, who is dyslexic and has a support worker to assist her with her studies, added: “Since doing the course I have gained a lot more confidence and have even done public speeches on behalf of The Haven.

“My past experiences have put me in a position to help others, and the support I’ve received from the college has made me realise that nothing can hinder my goals or career ambitions – as a result I feel that I can use my new skills to make a positive contribution to the local community.”

After completing the Level 3 qualification, Priscilla is planning to progress to the two-year part-time Level 5 diploma in therapeutic counselling.

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