Employability – Care Level 1


The Level 1 Care Award course has been given a thumbs-up from participants – with all of them saying how much it has improved their knowledge of working in the sector, and three of them being offered jobs with a care company as a result of the skills they learnt.

“The course has helped me gain confidence and in-depth knowledge on working in care of the elderly.  I learnt so much and it has motivated me to look for a job and create a future career.”  Shanice Devi

“The course was really helpful and taught me about differences in the care sector. I now feel more confident and prepared to work in the care sector.”  Izehiese Amadia

“The course has shown me what is expected in the role of a care worker – it’s a good way of getting back into employment.”  Jenna Owen

“The course has helped me have a better understanding of what is needed to work in a care environment and made me realise that it is what I really want to do.”  Kelly Smith

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