Employability student Kayleigh Berry


Kayleigh Berry has been offered a permanent position with Accord Housing after completing a special six week training and work placement programme run by the housing group in partnership with the college and the Job Centre.

The 28-year-old said: “I was really glad I came on the course as it’s hard to get into care work without any experience or qualifications and this was the perfect opportunity for an employer to see you in action.

“The course has been very enjoyable. I was nervous about coming in to college but the tutors treated me like an adult and it was nice to socialise with people with the same goals as me.

“The work experience was great and much better than just learning in the classroom as it cemented my desire to go into the care industry.

“The course has also made my CV more appealing – I have had more calls and job interviews in the last two weeks then I have had in the last six months so it has definitely helped me.”


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