Employability student Sandeep Singh Notay

Employability student Sandeep Notay

Sandeep Singh Notay struggled to find a job because although he had a degree he lacked the experience many employers were looking for. He enrolled on the college’s pre-recruitment course for Wiggle and was delighted to be offered a job with the online sports retailers as a result.

The 29-year-old said: “As I found out there was the opportunity to apply for a permanent job at the end of the course I wanted to go on it as there are hardly any permanent jobs around.

“I have been struggling to find jobs for the last year as, because I have a degree, I was told I was over qualified, or that I didn’t have the experience.

“The course has been brilliant and given me an insight into the company as well as prepared me for interview.

“I have really enjoyed the course.”

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