Engineering apprentice Jon Mackay

Jon Mackay

Having previously done a full-time engineering course before moving on to an apprenticeship at Moog Aircraft Group, 21-year-old Jon Mackay can see the benefits of combining working and studying and putting the skills he’s learning at college into practice in the workplace.

Jon, who attends college one day-a-week to study for the HNC in mechanical engineering, said: “Gaining an understanding of the theory behind engineering principles and why I have to do things in a certain way is really benefitting me at work and, as a result, my confidence in the workplace is increasing.”

As part of his studies, Jon, along with two fellow students, competed in the finals of the manufacturing team challenge at the WorldSkills UK competition and is in with a chance of representing the UK in the world finals of the competition in Abu Dhabi in 2017.

John added: “The additional skills we learnt in preparation for the competition – planning, problem solving and recognising how individual team members’ strengths can contribute to the success of the team – will also be useful on a day-to-day basis in the workplace and be of benefit to my future career.”

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