Engineering apprentice Madeline Whiting

Madeline Whiting - engineering apprentice

“I hated the idea of sitting in an office and doing the same thing every day”, says 18-year-old Madeline Whiting, who is a heritage aircraft engineering technician apprentice at the Royal Air Force Museum, Cosford.

Madeline, who combines working at the museum with attending college to study for the Level 3 extended diploma in manufacturing engineering, added: “Schools tend to focus on A Levels and university as being the only route to a successful career but doing an apprenticeship makes learning so much more interesting as you can apply it at work and understand how it will impact on what you do.

“And being paid is definitely an advantage too! Friends who have gone to university are jealous of the fact that I’ll gain my qualification at the same time as them but without any debt.

“Being a woman in a traditionally male-dominated environment can be challenging at times as sometimes you feel you have to work twice as hard  to gain the same level of respect but once you prove yourself and show that you know what you’re doing then everything’s fine.”

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