Engineering apprentice Sarah Fathers

Engineering apprentice Sarah Fathers

Apprentice Sarah Fathers is challenging the stereotype that women don’t do engineering.

The 17-year-old engineering apprentice said: “Since I was young girl I used to build things like skate boards in my back garden – I have always wanted to design things and do physical work instead of being stuck in an office so a career in engineering seemed ideal.

“I chose an apprenticeship because you get paid while you are learning so you get to see what the job is really like.

“I’m enjoying coming into college and it has been a great experience. The facilities are really good and there are opportunities here you don’t get at other colleges.

“People have a set view about engineering being a man’s job but I think women can do it just as well, if not better!

“I would encourage anyone to think about an apprenticeship – it’s been the best experience ever!”

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