Engineering student Aaron Davis

Aaron Davis

After leaving school after the first year of A Levels, 20-year-old Aaron Davis enrolled at college for the one-year full-time Level 2 diploma in mechanical engineering and then progressed to the two-year full-time Level 3 diploma.

“I’ve always had an interest in engineering and chose the mechanical route as it can lead to jobs in a range of areas within the industry, such as in the aeronautical or automotive field and I thought it would give me good basis so I can decided what I want to specialise in in the future.

“I’ve really enjoyed the course and the tutors have been really helpful.  Last year I got a double distinction and, based on those results and my performance this year, I’m on track to achieve a triple distinction which will be great!”

And depending on his results, in September Aaron will either be going to Aston University to study for a BEng in Design Engineering, or a BEng (Hons) in mechanical engineering at Birmingham City University.

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