Uniformed Public Services student Liliana Sikora

Liliana Sikora - ESOL

Liliana Sikora came to England from Poland five years ago speaking a little English. The 19-year-old enrolled onto ESOL classes to help her improve her language skills. Liliana liked the atmosphere at college and she found it a good way of making new friends.

After completing the ESOL programme Liliana wanted to do a course that would be relevant to her long term ambition of becoming a Police Officer, so she moved on to the Level 2 Uniformed Public Services and after completing that, she started the Level 3.

Liliana said: “The skills I have learnt on the Level 2 and 3 programmes have been very appropriate for a career in the Police Force.

“The tutors are very knowledgeable in the subjects they teach, having already experienced these careers prior to teaching at the college.

“The course is made up of both theory and practical elements. I like the fact that we have a special uniform and also that we do a lot of team building exercises.

“I feel I have taken the right route in my career path and I’m looking forward to the future.”

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