Female engineering students Georgia, Sophie and Lucy

Female engineering students

Working with robots, designing gear boxes for 787s, and maintaining military aircraft  – the career ambitions of three female students all studying for the Level 3 diploma in mechanical engineering.

Georgia Johnson, aged 19, who is following her father’s footsteps by going into engineering, said: “At school, because I did A Level biology, teachers were pushing me to go into nursing but I knew it wasn’t the job for me.

“I’m glad I chose to come to college instead – the course is interesting so I’m motivated to learn more, and the tutors are already talking to us about what our options are in the future, whether progressing to a HNC in engineering or getting an apprenticeship.

16-year-old Sophie Darlington added: “I did a GCSE in engineering but there wasn’t an option to stay on at school to study it at a higher level so I chose to come to college instead.

“We’re the only three females in a class of 19 but it’s nice being in a mixed class and we’re not treated any different to our male classmates.  Engineering has traditionally been a male-dominated profession and I think it’s brilliant that more women are being encouraged to enter the industry.

And Lucy Edwards, 17, who was inspired to go into aerospace engineering after being an air cadet, added: “I think women can bring a different perspective to the industry as they tend to look at the wider picture rather than focussing on just one thing.”

All three hope to move on to engineering apprenticeships after completing the course – with Georgia commenting: “Apprenticeships are brilliant!  Getting paid means you can become more independent at the same time as learning new skills.”

Pictured left to right: Georgia, Sophie and Lucy




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