Former Foundation Degree in Business Management student Amy Fenlon

“I wouldn’t be where I am now without the college and the support of my lecturers,” says 23-year-old Amy Fenlon who studied for the Foundation Degree in Business Management on a part-time basis whilst continuing to work full-time.

After completing the Foundation Degree, Amy was taken on a graduate scheme by Pareto Law – a company specialising in working with business and sales graduates – which placed her with Ortiga Communications, a provider of business communications, consulting, digital marketing, and IT support services.

Amy, who works for the company as a business development manager, added: “My role encompasses marketing, development and the expansion of the company and I use what I learnt during my degree on a daily basis to develop strategies and understand the clients I work with – and without studying I would never have been able to get to the position I’m in today.”

“Doing the Foundation Degree whilst working full-time was incredible as it enabled me to gain social skills within a working environment and have practical situations to apply to what I was learning on the course.”

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