Former hairdressing apprentice Laura Smyth

Laura Smyth - Zaks Wella colour expert

Hairdresser Laura Smyth is proof that you don’t have to go to university to get a degree and that an apprenticeship can lead to a great professional career.

After doing her hairdressing apprenticeship training at the college back in 2006 and 2007, Laura has gone on to become a Wella master colour expert (gaining a degree in colour) and salon professional alchemy master, as well as gaining an assessor’s award and working as a stylist on the American Idiot musical at the Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham.

Laura, aged 26, who is senior creative director at Zak’s hairdressing in Wolverhampton, said: “My advice to anyone interested in hairdressing is to do an apprenticeship as you get experience of working in a salon at the same time as gaining your qualifications.

“College teaches you the practical things you need to know and you can put them into practice back in the workplace – it’s a really good way to learn.

“Hairdressing is an exciting industry to work in – fashion is always evolving and techniques are always changing so there’s always an opportunity to learn more and improve your skills further.”

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