GCSE maths student Gagandeep Kaur

Twenty-two- year-old Gagandeep Kaur is celebrating after passing her maths GCSE six months early but, not content with the grade C she received, is doing the exam again in the hope of achieving and A or B!

Gagandeep, who wants to train as a nurse, studied for the GCSE as part of the two year Level 3 diploma in health and social care.

She said: “I love maths!  It’s so important in day to day life and there are fun and easy ways to practice – such as playing maths games on the computer or watching maths DVDs – and the tutors help by explaining things you’re not sure about and giving you past papers so you know the sort of questions you’ll be asked in the exam.

“When I opened the letter and saw that I’d passed it felt great, but I really want to improve my grade so I’m going to re-take the exam in June.”

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