Former HE student Vicki Phipps

Student Vicki Phipps

Since leaving college Vicki Phipps has built up an award winning business selling gifts and activities suitable for older people and people with dementia.

Vicki, who studied for her Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care at the college six years ago, set up Mindful Gifts in 2013 after recognising how difficult it was for family and carers to find suitable gift ideas for people with dementia.

Her business now sells over 120 products and has won Social Enterprise West Midlands’ SE Potential award for its promising future.

Vicki said: “I chose to study at the college because the course fit in so well with working full-time and I was able to come in on day release.

“It was a little bit daunting at first but I soon made friends and settled in. Learning how to do research really helped me set up my business because if you can do that you can find all the information you need for a number of things.

“Thanks to having my college qualification behind me I secured a job and had four promotions in four years, before deciding to start my own business.

“I really enjoyed my time at college.”

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