HNC engineering student Sarah Brazier

HNS in engineering

Twenty-four-year-old Sarah Brazier is combining earning and learning on an engineering apprenticeship and, as part of her training, is currently attending college one day a week to study for the HNC in mechanical engineering.

Sarah said: “An apprenticeship is great as working at the same time as studying means I’m getting an education as well as experience in the workplace, and as I’m being paid I can be more independent too.

“Doing the HNC at college rather than at university means that because the classes are smaller I get more one-to-one contact with the tutors than I would do if I was sitting in a lecture theatre with lots of other people and I can ask for any additional help I might need.

“I’d encourage more women to get into engineering – it’s a great industry, a great challenge and a great way of pushing yourself forward and proving that you can stand on your own two feet in a male dominated environment.”

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