IT apprentice Bill Hingley

BillHingley - April14

After three months at university, twenty-year-old Bill Hingley decided it wasn’t for him and that he would rather be earning a living. He embarked on an apprenticeship in IT after it was recommended by friends.

Bill said: “I went to university for a few months but didn’t like it as I was back in a classroom doing assignments when I really wanted to be out at work. I left and started looking for a job but kept on getting turned down due to my lack of experience. Friends of mine had done apprenticeships and walked into jobs straight after so it seemed like a good option.

“I really enjoyed my apprenticeship. I learnt a lot and was earning at the same time. I was treated as part of the team and not as a student and was so excited to be offered a job as IT Support Technician at the end of it.”

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