Lifeskills student Seranne Behenna

Seranne Behenna - Lifeskills

Seventeen-year-old Seranne Behenna is in the second year of a life skills course at the college’s Wellington Road campus and hopes to work with young disabled people in the future.

Seranne said: “The course is great and my maths, reading and writing has recently improved.  We’ve learnt how to handle money and simple ways of adding up, as well as how to construct sentences correctly.

“We’ve also learnt how to research and apply for jobs and I did work experience at two local special schools which was brilliant!

“My support worker is great and if there’s anything I’m not sure about she explains it in more detail.  She also checks my written work for spelling mistakes and shows me how to avoid doing the same thing again in my next piece of work.

“I’m so much more confident at trying new things and working independently now and without the new skills I’ve learnt I wouldn’t be able to do what I want to do in the future.”

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