Marketing apprentice Paren Patel


After deciding that university wasn’t for him, Paren Patel jumped at the chance to do an apprenticeship and embark on his career.

The 23-year-old marketing apprentice, who works at automotive and leasing industry expert Motor Mistress Limited, said: “I had dropped out of university as it wasn’t for me and wasn’t what I had expected it to be like. I then did a variety of jobs in fast food restaurants and superstores but wanted a proper job. The apprenticeship jumped out to me and looked like something I would enjoy doing so I just went for it.

“I’m really enjoying it and what I am doing is so diverse. The biggest benefit is the work experience I am gaining. If I applied for another job without the experience of doing an apprenticeship I don’t think the employer would even consider me for the role.

“I would tell anyone thinking of doing an apprenticeship to just go for it. I jumped at the chance and it worked out for me!”

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