Mechanical engineering student Asia Williams-Coll

Meachnical engineering student Asia Williams-Coll

Seventeen-year-old Asia Williams-Coll has always been fascinated by space and dreamed of being an astronaut, however realising that competition is extremely tough decided that if she wasn’t able to go into space herself she wanted to become an aerospace engineer and make things that can.

After gaining a Level 1 qualification in mechanical engineering at the college last year Asia is now coming to the end of the Level 2 course and is waiting for an interview for an apprenticeship with a local aerospace company.

Asia said: “I came to college straight from school as I knew A Levels weren’t for me and I wanted to take a step up towards my future career. I really enjoy the course and like the fact that it’s a combination of practical learning in the workshop and paper-based learning in the classroom which is teaching me the skills I need for a career in the industry.

“The tutors here are great and they recognise your potential and encourage you all the way. Whilst engineering is a male-dominated industry I’ve never felt that jobs should be gender-specific and I’m proving that girls are just as capable as guys of learning the skills needed to work in the industry.”

And Asia already has great career aspirations and hopes to one day more to the USA and work for NASA or another major American aerospace company.

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