Employability student Paul Cotterill


Having worked as a plumber, design engineer in the construction industry, and more recently an art and design teacher, 43-year-old Paul Cotterill is hoping for another change of career after doing the five-week Preparation for Work in Engineering and Manufacturing course.

Paul said: “I got fed up with all the paperwork I had to do as a teacher and wanted to do something more ‘hands-on’ so the course was ideal for me.

“I’d got some engineering knowledge from many years ago but it refreshed my skills and brought me up-to-date on more modern ways of doing things.

“I learnt a lot about sheet metal fabrication and how to use a range of engineering equipment and when I apply for jobs in the future I’ll be able to demonstrate that I’ve got hands-on knowledge and experience which is what employers are looking for.

“It’s never too late to change career and I’m really glad I did the course!”

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