Prince’s Trust student Kirsty Trevis

Prince's Trust student Kirsty Trevis

Before starting the Prince’s Trust’s 12 week self development programme, 19-year-old Kirsty Trevis didn’t know what to do with her life. She now has a firm plan in place and is looking forward to moving on to do an apprenticeship.

She said: “The programme has been really enjoyable. Before I started I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I had completed a year at college but dropped out as it wasn’t for me. During the 12 weeks I went on work experience with the college activity team, which gave me a taste of that kind of work. I would never have thought of doing it as a career before, but I now hope to move on to an Outdoor Activity Apprenticeship at Kingswood Activity Centre.

“The Prince’s Trust programme has also helped me with my confidence around other people and in new situations. I got help with my frustration because I get angry easily and I am now more patient – it has helped me in all sorts of ways.”

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