Prince’s Trust student Paul Meredith

Prince's Trust student Paul Meredith

The Prince’s Trust’s 12 week self development programme, run by the college, has helped 21-year-old Paul Meredith kick start his career.

He said: “I had failed my art course and didn’t know where I was going next, but knew I needed better interview skills to get a job.

“As part of the Prince’s Trust programme I did work experience with the British Heart Foundation. I decided to stay on as a volunteer and they are going to put me forward for a retail course. This will help me get a job in the retail sector, and will give me some really useful skills and experience I can always fall back on.

“The programme has really helped me find my way and become more open minded about working as part of a team. It has also encouraged me to step out there and figure out a path for myself.”


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