Teaching and Learning – feedback from our students


“The course has given me a wide range of knowledge and understanding of working with children and young people.”

“I learnt a lot from the course and there were many policies and procedures that I needed to know about as a teaching assistant that I wouldn’t have been aware of if I hadn’t attended the course.”

“Going into school was very enjoyable and helped me to put into practice what I was taught in college.”

“The course opened my eyes to how schools work.”

“The course gave me all the information I need to help me be an effective teaching assistant.”

“The course helped with my organisational skills and I have grown in confidence …completing it has given me a good sense of achievement and the confidence to pursue other courses.”

“I was nervous about going back into education and juggling work, college and home life but I got into a routine and gained confidence through my work experience.”

“The course was very good and gave me the confidence to return to education after 28 years!”

“The tutors made sure we understood what we were being asked to do and that we met all the deadlines we were set.”

“I have more confidence and have become more talkative rather than being the shy and quiet person I was at the start of the course.”

“I loved learning!”

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