Teaching and Learning student Michelle Paterson


When her son started primary school, 32-year-old Michelle Paterson decided it was time to kick start her career and enrolled on the Level 3 Teaching Assistant programme at college.

She said: “I had always wanted to work with children so felt this was the time to do it. I had already done a bit of volunteering in a school and seen how staff worked with my own children. Teaching assistants are written off a bit, but I witnessed how hard they have to work and thought I could do what they did, especially after having children of my own.

“The course has been brilliant and there was always a tutor around to help and support me with any problems I had.

“I have already found work – I didn’t expect to find a job so quickly and was really pleased. I have recommended this course to other people – if you want to work with children this is the way to start

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