Digital Content Creator Apprenticeship with Wolverhampton City Council

The Digital Content Creator Apprentice will have a focus within the team to support existing staff with the core business operations including the SLA’s provided to Schools. This includes online digital creativity with media, social media development, innovative design and excellent communication and customer service.
•Designing page layouts including text size and colours considering W3C standards as well as PC or Mobile view;
•Designing graphics, animations and manipulating digital photographs; Creating optimize and edit graphics / images using Photoshop or equivalent
•Supporting and maintaining existing websites and developing new sites
•Assist with the transfer of design and content of websites from current website building system to new hosting systems
•Uploading content, video, audio and images onto websites, this involves ensuring copyright and permissions are valid and legal and respond to Support Desk tickets
•Creating optimized mobile views for new and existing websites
•Testing websites to ensure they work correctly from various devices including touch, mobile, various web browsers and operating systems
•Contribute and explore ideas for new and innovative types of content such as animations or videos and implementing these ideas
•Researching current design and online trends;
•Carrying out search engine optimisation work on a regular basis; Keeping up to date with supported websites search engine rankings
•Social Media support such as updating Tweets, statuses, general information and marketing activities
•Be aware and implement if required any international web standards and protocols
•Design promotional material and presentations for use within the team and for schools that could be used with customised merchandise, stationery and digital signage
•Create and maintain mobile device applications
•Assist with School branding projects with regard to design and products

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