Machine Printing Apprenticeship with William Gibbons Group, Willenhall

Machine printers, also known as print ‘minders’, operate and maintain printing presses.

The work involves taking instructions from the press operator and setting up the press with the right materials for the production run.

As a machine printer, work would involve:
•Matching colours to the pre-press proofs
•Restocking ink levels
•Feeding the print materials into the presses
•Putting job data into computerised control units
•Carrying out quality checks during the print run
•Identifying problems and fixing faults
•Cleaning presses after a print run has finished (either manually or using automatic cleaning systems)
•Carrying out basic machine maintenance
•Make the press ready
•Run the press
•Control output and quality
•Plan and implement maintenance

You would usually work on a particular type of press, but you could train in a variety of printing techniques.

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