Warehousing and Storage Apprenticeship: Student Guide

This apprenticeship covers the movement and storage of goods, and is an essential part of logistics operations. Hardworking individuals are highly sought after in this industry, and a warehousing apprenticeship could provide you with the skills and experience necessary to succeed. You could eventually become a team leader, or enter management.

Your duties will depend on your employer, but you could operate specialist machinery to get things onto – and down from – high storage spaces, load objects of different shapes and sizes, manage stock, keep equipment in good working order, process returned goods and manage the storage and dispatch of goods.

The Apprenticeship Framework

There are three main strands to an Apprenticeship, known as the Framework: a competence-based element, a technical element and a skills element.

Intermediate Apprenticeship: You will learn about health and safety in the workplace, how to process orders for customers, assembling orders for dispatch and picking, placing and packing goods. You will gain your Level 2 Certificate in Warehousing and Storage.

Advanced Apprenticeship: You will work towards your Level 3 Diploma in Warehousing and Storage. Areas of study will include customer service, leading a team, taking responsibility for health and safety and supervising receipt, storage and dispatch of goods.

Ready to apply for an Apprenticeship?

You need to:

Have you considered coming to college full-time if you can’t find an Apprenticeship vacancy? 

You can start on many of our courses on a full-time basis, then if an Apprenticeship becomes available you can transfer across. Everything you’ll have learnt at college will be valuable to you at work. To discuss your full-time course options call 01902 836000.

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