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ESOL student Maria Radu

When 31-year-old Maria Radu moved to the UK from Romania three years ago she was unable to speak English - but that has all changed after she signed up for an ESOL course at the college.  Maria said: “Last year I felt low and didn’t have any confidence as I couldn’t speak English, but now I’m able to read, write and ...

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ESOL student Hirie Dafku

“Eighteen months ago, I was low, lonely and panicked if anyone asked me anything”, said 27-year-old Hirie Dafku who comes from Albania.  “All I could say in English was “Hello” or ‘How are you?” and when you can’t talk to people around you it’s hard – I even struggled to buy food as I didn’t know wha...

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ESOL student Maya Zangova

When 38-year-old Maya Zangova moved to the UK from Bulgaria 10 months ago she was unable to speak English at all – but after doing an ESOL course at the college has been able to stand in front of a group of English speakers and talk about how far she’s progressed in such a short space of time.  Maya said: “In Bulga...

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ESOL student Jana Locmere

“Coming to college and doing the ESOL course is one of the best decisions of my life”, said 33-year-old Jana Locmere.   Jana, who moved to the UK nine years ago, added: “I spoke a little bit of English when I first came here and worked in a warehouse, but then I became a mum and spent six years at home with my childr...

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