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ESOL student Emanuela Angelova

ESOL Student Emanuela Angelova

When 17-year-old Emanuela Angelova moved to the UK from Bulgaria six months ago she spoke very little English – but just five months after signing up for an ESOL course her language skills have improved considerably and her confidence has grown too! Emanuela said: “When I came here I could only say my name or ask for simp...

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ESOL student Veronika Velicko

After moving to the UK from Latvia Veronica Velicko enrolled for an ESOL course to give her a qualification that would benefit her in the future. Veronika, aged 37, said: “I’d lived here for a number of years before I came to college but I’m really glad I did as my grammar and vocabulary have improved a lot. “I’v...

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Tooraj Hayati - ESOL

ESOL student Tooraj Hayati

Thirty-six-year-old Tooraj Hayati moved to the UK from Iran a year ago and was advised by friends to sign-up for an ESOL course to improve his English. Tooraj said: “Now that I’m living here I want to be part of English society so it’s important that I learn about English culture and how to communicate correctly, and I ...

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ESOL student Kiranjeet Kaur

After being born in India and living in Italy for the last 10 year, 20-year-old Kiranjeet Kaur didn’t speak much English when she moved to the UK. Having trained as a dental technician in Italy, she came to the college to enquire how to continue her training and was advised to do an ESOL course to improve her English first....

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