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Bootcamps Available

Level 3 – Digital Social Media Assistant

Duration: 10 days total across two weeks

Delivery: Blended – face to face and online

Focused on the role of a Social Media Assistant – the process of deciding what you want to say and then how you need to say it from promoting a service, a product or disseminating information of any kind. The effective use of language – the written and spoken word – the use of audio, of video, of graphics and of still imagery across social and other digital platforms.

It’s about understanding the appropriate ‘tone of voice’ – and arms delegates with practical knowledge to inform presentation and style. What suits what platform and the target audiences.


These Skills Bootcamps gives delegates the knowledge and skills to answer these questions with actions:


  • What’s my story? How do I get people interested?
  • How do I successfully ‘speak’ to my audience?
  • How do I build my audience and establish an on-going relationship with them?
  • How do I know what’s suitable for each platform?

Level 4 – Social Media Manager 

Duration: 10 days total across two weeks

Delivery: Blended – face to face and online

Social Media Managers need to oversee and contribute to high-impact, consumer-focused social campaigns creating high-quality, constructive, and engaging campaigns that engage. Social Media Managers lead on strategy and drive the brand message. This Skills Bootcamps focuses on training for taking on that management role and creating compelling content to suit different audiences on different platforms. 


These Skills Bootcamps give delegates the knowledge and skills to: 


  • Manage the efficient administration of multiple social accounts  
  • Develop social media strategies, working to increase brand awareness 
  • Bring new campaign and content ideas to the table 
  • To monitor and react to new trends, evolving strategies to increase engagement and followers across platforms 

Level 4 – Social Media Video Content Creator 

Duration: 10 days total across two weeks

Delivery: Blended – face to face and online

This Skills Bootcamps offer practical, hands-on skills in making great visual content for social media – but also across other digital platforms.

These courses are focused on inexpensive smartphone video production and still photography – from the theory of what makes a great video or picture, to the practical tuition that’ll give delegates the skills to make it happen.

These Skills Bootcamps give delegates the knowledge required to:

• Plan and prepare video / photography projects

• To execute shoots effectively

• To post produce – covering basic picture editing, formatting and uploading of assets

Note: all trainees on these Skills Bootcamps must have a smartphone to participate.

What our students say:

Discover what our students think about our Skills Bootcamps in the videos below:

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For more information and to apply our team can be contacted Monday to Friday (term time only) 

01902 837191 or 01902 317710

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