Laura Dwyer

Laura Dwyer – digital marketing apprentice 

19-year-old Laura Dwyer is a digital marketing apprentice at Staffordshire County Council and works with infrastructure providers to get gigabit-capable broadband services into rural areas of the county that don’t have good coverage.   

Laura, who is also responsible for promoting the benefit of the service to local residents, said: “I already do digital marketing as part of my job and my apprenticeship is enabling me to earn while I learn and put what I learn into practice in the workplace.  

“I’m learning about the appropriate social media channels to use, how to make a website effective and what makes a successful brand, as well as different terminology used in digital marketing.  

“So far, I’ve had three exams – which I passed – and to prepare for them my assessor ran a series of workshops that were very useful and informative, and I have monthly one-to-one sessions with him to monitor my progress. 

“The apprenticeship has helped me expand my knowledge massively and I can now apply it to my job role and feel able to take on projects that I wouldn’t have been confident to do before. 

“To anyone who thinks that the only wany to get into their chosen career is to stop on at school to do A levels and then go to university, I’d definitely advise them to look into doing an apprenticeship in the area they want to work in – that way they will be able to get a qualification whilst gaining experience in the workplace and can apply what they learn in their job role too.”