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Mahfuz Haque – Rail Engineering Apprenticeship

24 Jun 2024

Mahfuz Haque has praised the Level 2 Rail Engineering Apprenticeship for having a big impact on his life.

He said: “This is a great opportunity. You are fully sponsored, you get full PPE and you are on a contract – receiving 30 hours of paid work a week. Before I started, I thought the only area of career I could go into would be the railway – but there are so many different things I can do with this course. A Rail Apprenticeship is a great opportunity.

“Working on shift alongside people who hadn’t taken the apprenticeship route and had a few years of experience on the track was great. I learnt so much from them and I think they learnt a bit from me too! I have enjoyed my time here, meeting loads of different people and working with them on the railway has been great. I have also met a lot of new friends that I will definitely stay in contact with.

“I have built a good relationship with the tutors. They have always been helpful and I was never embarrassed to ask any questions I had. I have learnt so many new things.  It’s really good they call each week to check up on us and make sure everything is okay.

“I have improved my own self-discipline. I’ve never really been a morning person, but my workmates and the tutors have made a big difference. They have motivated me which has made me feel better. My family can also see a big change in me and see that I am genuinely interested, they see my commitment and my motivation.

“Prior to this, working from job to job was taking a toll on my mental health. But coming here, learning new things, and not being stuck in one area has helped to feel like no day is the same. This has made a big impact on my life.”

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