Mohammed Pathan - Rail Engineering Apprenticeship - City of Wolverhampton College

Mohammed Pathan – Rail Engineering Apprenticeship

24 Jun 2024

Mohammed Pathan has just completed his Rail Engineering Apprenticeship and feels the experience has opened up so many doors to his future career.

He said the following:

“By doing this course I have built so much more confidence when talking to new people. I was quite reserved before this and through this experience, getting to know new people has become a lot easier for me.

“I know that to get into certain jobs, you have to be confident and I am so glad my confidence has improved. Both friends and family have noticed I am a happier because I am enjoying what I’m doing. This has made me a better person.

This course has helped me so much as a person. Looking at the things I am interested in, and because I enjoy very hands-on jobs, my end goal is to be a Crane Controller. This course has pushed me to do this and go into things I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do without them. Thank you!”

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